Translation and Interpretation Services

GAIE, in collaboration with the department of languages and cultures from ISCAP, provides translation and interpretation services for the internal and external community. Through its selection of Translators and Interpreters, ISCAP offers its current and previous students the experience of working in a professional environment monitored by professionals and/or teachers. This type of collaboration has ensured ISCAP’s quality guarantee of service while offering its students the opportunity to complement their training in a professional environment.

Learn about the services provided by GAIE-ISCAP:



The interpretation service that we provide at ISCAP consists of professional interpreters, teachers and senior students from the Master in Specialized Translation and Interpretation.
ISCAP also has technical means for conducting interpretation sessions in their conference rooms or other places to be designated.

The means provided by ISCAP include:

The assembly, operation and disassembly services of the equipment is guaranteed by ISCAP professionals.


GAIE-ISCAP has the necessary technical and human resources to carry out translation and localization projects for various languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Greek).For projects involving other languages, GAIE also has a database of skilled and experienced collaborators.

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Through the use of professional software, ISCAP has a subtitling service available in various formats.
This captioning service includes translation (and transcript, if necessary) of the video contents, as well as the synchronization of the subtitles.
Under the "Pathways to accessibility" project is also provided audio description service.



Through the use of a video conference system VSX7000s, from Polycom, GAIE organizes video conferencing sessions with a connection that can go up to 4 points simultaneously. These sessions can be organized in meeting rooms, auditoriums or at any other point in ISCAP with access to the computer network. Participants/guests that connect to ISCAP by video conference will receive a link to download the necessary software and the temporary license to use it. Any meetings that will involve the video conference system should be schedule one week ahead in order to do the necessary tests with the different connection points. All kinds of tests and technical support will be provided by GAIE.