About us

The Support Office for Innovation in Education (GAIE) has emerged to promote the conciliation between the pedagogical necessities of Higher Education and with an efficient introduction and use of technology for education.

This Office is constituted by two main departments, which are designated as the Education Department and the  Audiovisual and Multimedia Department.

With the Department for Education, GAIE aims to ensure consultancy and support for teachers and students through the development and promotion of training activities and support resources in educational technologies. It also intends to help in the process of designing and transforming educational content, while disseminating good practices, methodologies and applications. This department also works closely with other departments and services of the institution.

The Audiovisual and Multimedia Department, aims to promote the use of technologies in language studies, providing multimedia laboratories that intend to ensure the interaction between theory and practice, supported by specific materials and resources.

This department also works with image treatment and collection, production, assembly and promotion of audiovisual materials; audiovisual support for work presentations and conferences, as well as the control, management and technical support in the audiovisual field.